How To Install Torch Down Roofs

Torch down roofing is a kind of roofing substance that is best suited for flat or low-angle roofs. These roofs have an average life span of 20 years and usually cost more than standard roofing elements. Despite all the benefits of this roofing, experts say that if you install torch down roof it can be dangerous unless the process is in the right hands.

We highly recommend that you get in touch the local roofer to get yours installed. Or if you think you are up for the challenge, then this guide is just for you!

install torch down roofing

Steps to Install Torch Down Roofing

Torch down roofing is composed of altered bitumen sticking to fiberglass layers. Torch down roofing helps in preventing moisture buildup and doesn’t need much of maintenance as well. The installation process is relatively straightforward, and all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: To install the new roof, first, you have to remove the old roofing and debris to make for a clean site. Many times, torch down roofing can be placed on top of old roofing; be sure you know what you’re getting into.
  • Step 2: Take the metal flashing and secure it to the roof area edges to hold things in place.
  • Step 3: Apply some primer to the metal flashing as it would allow your torch down roofing to stick even better.
  • Step 4: Take your fiberglass sheet and lay it on the old roofing area’s topside, making doubly sure that it is completely even and flat.
  • Step 5: Using a nail gun, adequately nail the fiberglass to the surface of the roof. The ideal way to do this would be to leave a spacing of 5 inches between every nail.
  • Step 6: Properly roll a layer of altered bitumen over the sheet of fiberglass.
  • Step 7: Using a knife, slice the modified layer of bitumen to an appropriate size. Then extend and stretch the modified bitumen to cover even the odd angles or far-reaching corners.
  • Step 8: Expose half of the fiberglass sheet underneath by rolling up half of the modified bitumen and then fire on its underside using a flame torch, in a slow, steady motion for even heating.
  • Step 9: Now that the bottom of the bitumen is molten, roll it back on top of the fiberglass sheet while it keeps continuing to liquefy. Use a sturdy pair of boots to press down the bitumen so that it sticks nicely.
  • Step 10: Now to the same thing you did in step eight, but with the other half of the fiberglass sheet and the bitumen.
  • Step 11: Repeat all the steps from 4 to 10 twice to make 3 layers of fiberglass and bitumen lying on top of each other, while an additional layer of bitumen lies on top.

And that’s it! These are all the steps you need to follow to make sure your torch down roofing is installed the way it should.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the cost of a torch down roof?

It torch down roof would cost you more than a standard asphalt gravel roof, but will ultimately save you more money in the long run due to their lower maintenance needs. So, you are getting more for your money by making a one-time investment.

Q2. Is torch down roof water resistant?

One of the prime benefits of this roof type is that they offer outstanding water resistance. A torch down roof with two layers can easily last up to 10 to 15 years. When you add one more layer to improve its durability, expect to add five more years to the roof’s lifespan.

Q3. Are these roofs easy to maintain?

Yes, torch down roofs are easy to repair and maintain because they are installed with the help of a blowtorch. Notice a crack or a gap on your roofing? No problem! You can easily reseal it by applying fiberglass sheet to the designated area. You may also add some sealant on top of the layer for extra durability and water resistance.

Extra protection

Coating your torch down roofing is an excellent way to lend extra protection. Just let your roofing settle for a month or two before you apply the additional coating. The extra layer will make the roofing more heat resistant by reflecting the sun’s rays.

That’s all you need to know about installing torch down roofing. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try?

Video Tutorial

Check out the video below to learn how to install torch down roofing:

Torch Down Roof Repair

More help is provided on the video below:

Not sure how to repair Torch Down Roof?

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