All about Torch Down Roofing

Right up there with food and clothing, shelter is listed as one of the three basic human needs. Primarily to protect against elements like sun wind and rainfall, roofing reflects the character of a locality. It varies according to the materials available, durability and even serves as a symbol to wealthier individuals. That is where torch down roofing comes in.

torch down roofing

What Exactly Is Torch Down Roofing?

Like gravel and tar roofing, torch down roofs are made up of sheets of polyester and bitumen added to the regular gravel and tar layering system.  During the installation process, the extra sheets have to be burned down in specific overlap areas. This is done using flame spiting torches that melt asphalt concrete at the seams and join them, hence the name torch down roofing.

What Makes It So Special?

  • It is more attractive than standard gravel and tar roofing materials and can last up to 15 years.
  • The application process is fairly simple with just a few hours needed and a few knowledgeable laborers.
  • The materials used for roofing are capable of resisting UV rays.
  • The price of the roofing materials and application process is fairly affordable. It is about $2.25 per square feet but this largely depends on the hired contractor
  • Homeowners have a say in the color of finishing they would prefer.
  • It is an all weather roof, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions such as wind and hail.



There are no disadvantages at all; except for the fact that torch down roofs can be potential fire hazards, if precautions are not considered during the application process.

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The overall cost of torch down roofing is depends on the roofing contractor you hire and the price of roofing materials. The price is however, slightly more than the customary asphalt roof. However, if you compare the long term benefits of torch down, such as low maintenance costs and resilience to most adverse weather conditions, this cost is worth it.

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Considerations for Installation

The installation process is fairly easy. You will need to start off by binding the fiberglass sheet on the roof surface, then lay down the other materials in layers, as a flame is passed over them. The fiber glass should be secured by roofing shingles. This is just a basic detail of the process. In depth knowledge about the installation process should be acquired prior to beginning the installation of a torch down roof.

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Note that this type of roofing is best suited for flat roofs, due to the fact that it does not collect water. Its advantages, some of which have already been hinted, give it an edge over other roofing options such as rubber roofing. That being said, you must consider crowning your home with a torch down roof, especially if all you want is a roof with a more aesthetic look. You will save money in the process but most importantly, you will learn more about roofs, the options available and how to maintain them.